3922_portrait_ceCelia GOUVEIAC was born in Brazil in 1970.

Passionate for Arts at early age, she studied professionally dance, music and theatre.

In 1999, while discovering the great European Masters, she got her first initiation to the paint.

From 1990 to 1996, she is part of a theatre troupe and plays the major classical and modern authors, including Brecht and Moliere.

Arriving in Paris in 1997 for joining the theatre school “Les Enfants Terribles” for two years and also learned lyrics classes.

In 1998, she met in Paris the French sculptor Pétrus whom became her master during three years studies.

In 2003, she left Paris and moved to the small village of La Turbie plunged to the sea and Monaco, and opened his workshop in Nice ..

Since 2000, she has exhibited in, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Dubai Monaco…..

In 2003, she exhibited at the Biennale of Florence [Italy].

In 2005 opened his new studio in Nice where she lived and teach your artistic anatomy through sculpting and modeling hang five years.

Since summer 2006 Celia is designing a project Yes to Life! © concept art an open hand for the planet.

She progressively redirects her art work towards conceptual art and monumental sculptures.

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